The Violette Boater



This beautiful new French inspired straw boater will have you skipping down the pavement. 


Natural straw structured flicked edge boater 

Trimmed with black gross grain ribbon

100% wheat straw

Comes with removable chin strap with drawstring 

Spot / specialist clean

This hat is accredited with a UPF Rating 50+ (Australian Tested)


Brim measures 3 3/4"

Crown approximately 3 1/2"

Lack of Color hats are sized in centimeters. To determine your size, place a cloth measuring tape around your head over your occipital bone (the furthest part on the back of your head). Bring the measuring tape around to the front of your head and position it in the centre of your forehead, or just above the eyebrows (depending on where you want your hat to sit).

55 cm is the smallest size 

57 cm is the medium size and is for an average sized head. This is the size recommend as a ‘standard’ or ‘average’ fit.

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