Unicorn Takeover: Natalia Benson takes over Principessa’s Blog

Hello Princesses of Principessa – Natalia Benson here. It is with great excitement that I let you know.. I am taking over.
And I have some wonderful things in store for you on the weekly right here on Principessa’s blog! 
A little about who I am & why the girls around Principessa call me the Unicorn: the truth is when I was about 22 years old I decided that no matter what, I was always going to do what inspires me the most! Even if it happens to be 4 things at once ;) 
So what do I do exactly? I design jewelry, read Tarot, teach Kundalini Yoga & DJ. (But not all at once!!)
Principessa’s blog will encompass all things you love about Princi, with a little Natalia Benson flair kicked in… 
We will have everything from DIY projects, interviews with our favorite designers, tarot & astrology readings, Principessa picks of the week, events, Local Love (Gjelina, anyone?) & our latest & greatest obsessions!
I also wanted to make a welcome offering so please make sure you stream the So Long Summer Mixtape
that I created just for Principessa below!
So much love & let’s have some fun…. :D
– Natalia (the Unicorn) 


SO LONG SUMMER MIXTAPE – FOR PRINCIPESSA VENICE by Natalia Benson / Whitehorse on Mixcloud

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