the Littledoe studio

Trying to capture the vibe of the magical Littledoe studio in pictures was no small task…it’s definitely one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.  We walked in to the sweet sounds of Neil Young on the turntable and were immediately blown away by Chase Cohl’s ethereal and wondrous aesthetic.  This is where it all happens…the coming together of ideas, dreams and fantasies to create the most enchanting accessories a girl could wear.  From hats adorned with crystals and feathers to crowns of millénaire flowers, I was quickly caught up in a “we’ll take that and that and that” whirlwind.  But you’ll thank us for this indulgence later, as these stunning creations will soon adorn the shelves of Principessa. Counting the days….

p.s.  you must check out Chase’s music through the link on their website…it’s amazing!!

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