#Obsessions : 10 Things I Can’t Live Without – Shane Fauve Hobley


Name : Shane Fauve Hobley

Hometown : Venice beach, Ca

Zodiac Sign : Leo, duh! lol

Secret Talent?: Being able to put together a gourmet meal out of the random ingredients on hand! ;p

What are 10 Things you can’t live without? :

1. Coffee with cream

“You do not want to interact with me before I’ve had my morning coffee. And I don’t understand people who use half-and-half or soy or anything like that. Coffee was made for cream and vice versa.”

2. Sunshine

“I’ve lived my entire life in Venice Beach (and I’m not one of those people who moved here for college and says that! I went to Venice High). I can’t imagine living without constant sunshine.”

3. My dog, Dixie

“Quite possibly the love of my life.”

4. A good nights sleep

“See my comments on coffee and cream and multiply that by two.”

5. Citizens of Humanity Rocket high rise jeans

“I have a hard time with most denim because I have narrow hips and a little waist but I still have a butt. These fit like they were made for me.” 

6. A good waist belt

“This also saves me–it’s a quick fix for dresses and skirts that overwhelm my petit frame. I love skinny vintage ones–I own about a million.”

7. Comfortable but cute everyday shoes.

“Heels just don’t work for me. I usually wear Frye boots or a classic wedge.”

8. Mascara

“My eyes are my most prominent facial feature. I like to highlight them.”

9. Music

“Old & new!  (Recently I’ve been loving me some Songza!)

10. Integrity


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