#Obsessions : 10 Things I Can’t Live Without – Mehera Hunter

Meet the Principessa girls! Every month we would like to introduce you to the Princi gals & 10 things they cannot live without!    This month we introduce Principessa’s Manager, the beautiful & incredibly multi-faceted Mehera Hunter!


10 Things I Can’t Live Without: 

1. Spell Rompers “Recent obsession, and I’m like a junky–I can’t get enough of them! My current favorite is the Route 66 Embroidered Chambray Playsuit.”

 2. Ear cuffs and ear jackets by Jacquie Aiche “They are both simple and unique–perfect for me, since I tend to pile on the bracelets, rings and necklaces but don’t like studs. I wore a pair of the vine ear cuffs at my wedding last February, and they remain my favorite piece of jewelry.”

 3. Airbrush Spray Tanning “How did I survive before this was invented? I have super fair skin and always wear SPF, but like to have color on my face and legs. This was a game changer for me.”

 4. Gauze and lace from Jen’s Pirate Booty “I know a lot of people think of these as seasonal fabrics, but I wear them year round. They are my wardrobe staples–my answer to jeans and t-shirts.”

 5. My bike “People never believe this because I tend to get pretty dressed up for work, but I use my bike for transportation 90% of the time. I can even ride in heels and skirts.”

 6. Miss Marisa by Ebba perfume oil “I’ve worn this for more than ten years and I still love it.”

 7. Again black silk Bianca dress “You wouldn’t guess it (I’m that girl who’s always in bright colors and patterns), but this is my ultimate dress. It’s timeless and super flattering.”

 8. The ocean “I’m a California girl and had never lived more than 45 minutes from the sea until I went to college. Within a week I felt like I was suffocating. I never want to live further than walking distance from the beach again.”

 9. Mikal Winn jewelry “Each piece is like a little work of art–he makes everything by hand and signs each piece. I love the contrast of the solder and sparklies he’s got going on. I wear my snake cuff by him almost every day.”

 10. Mexican food “I could have Mexican food for every meal for the rest of my life and be happy. No joke. Ask my husband.”

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