Model Muse : Danielle Duvale


Name :

Danielle Duvale

Star Sign :


Secret Talent :

I can tango.

What do you do in the world? :

I’m a model & actress, & Entrepreneur. I never stop!

Favorite Film :


Favorite Food :

Jamaican Fruit Cake

If you could be any rock star, living or dead, who would it be? :

Elvis Presley & Beyonce, but not at the same time.

LA or NYC? Why? :

NYC because its the metropolis of our Universe

with so much to do & experience. The culture & excitement is infinite!

If you could save the world, what would you do? :

I would create an energy radar and those that are conscious with positive vibes would stay on the Planet & be granted 3 wishes. Those that are dark & negative would be shipped to a bubble city on Mars. :)

Instagram? :




DANIELLE principessacardi2

All Photos By: Jennifer Corgan

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