Principessa, Luxury Jones & Hanna Beth present: Diamonds in the Desert Trunk Show 3/23/13

Now that festival season is officially upon us, we’re gearing up for the madness with plenty of flower power, fringe, feathers, crystals and most importantly, one seriously kick-ass party!
And since nobody understands the rocker-hippie-sexy-gypsy aesthetic like Luxury Jones, who better to throw said kick-ass party with?  
When we first sat down with Niki (HBIC at LJ) to discuss party plans, she told us that the exclusive collection of re-purposed vintage sequin silhouettes she’s working on for us is inspired by the idea that “the sun is our disco ball”…to which we replied “we’re in”.
Niki calls this collection “The Summer of Sequins” and wants everyone to let go of the notion that they’re strictly night-time attire…and to embrace the glittery, sparkly magic moments that happen when the sun hits the sequins.
As if all that wasn’t enough to get us completely jazzed about the event, she called in Hanna Beth…internet-star, rock-star, style-star and all around fashion maven…to co-host the event (check out pics of Hanna Beth below from her own blog post at LJ’s studio).  These two beauties will be on hand all day to give personal styling tips and offer fashion inspiration like only they can.
So join us on Saturday, March 23rd from noon to 5pm at Principessa for the Diamonds in the Desert Trunk Show and be the first to shop the most unbelievable swoon-worthy one-of-a-kind collection of Luxury Jones you have EVER seen!

Niki, H.B.I.C. at Luxury Jones



Hanna Beth at the Luxury Jones studio



more Hanna Beth…rockin’ those LJ sequins



Hanna Beth in Luxury Jones



This sequin cape will be available at the trunk show!


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