Inn Paradiso Paso Robles, CA

I have found Narnia. It exists in Paso Robles, California in the form of Inn Paradiso.  
I had the pleasure of staying here last week and it was truly one of the most peaceful and relaxing trips I’ve ever had.  While it’s only about a three hour drive from Venice, it feels like you’re in another world.  
If you have even the slightest appreciation for art, architecture, craftsmanship, and literature, you will be in heaven.  This place is pure inspiration.
The Inn itself is a Gaudi lovers dream, an original structure made from handcrafted redwood and cedar along with hand-forged ironwork (and hardly a sharp right angle in sight).
The grounds are teeming with fruit trees, wildflowers, lavender, and herbs…all of which make their way into either your homemade organic breakfast, homemade bath salts, or in-room decor.  
The Inn also has one of the most interesting collections of art and antiques I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and a wonderful selection of books from both their library and the individual rooms (to read in the hammock on a leisurely afternoon).
Nature plays such an important role in this Utopian experience, you could literally spend a month here and notice something different every day.
For you treasure hunters, there’s a  little on site boutique offering the most swoon-worthy collection of vintage jewelry and accessories…almost reason enough to make the trip!
Finally, what elevates Inn Paradiso from great to perfect are the owners Steve & Gisela…two of the most interesting, accommodating, and lovely people you could find.
Thanks to them, the regal Carlo (love on four legs), and their innkeeper Shannon, Inn Paradiso felt like home from the moment we arrived.  And I already can’t wait to go back.

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