Fashion Crush Janessa Leone



Janessa Leone Spring Campaign. Modeled by Madison Hamile. Photographed by Aaron Feaver.


As a seriously addicted hat girl, I was almost foaming at the mouth when the new Janessa Leone collection landed at Principessa.  These hats are sophisticated, beyond stylish and the best fashion accessory summer or fall.  Designed with a dedication to craftsmanship, menswear inspired tailoring and a touch of nostalgia, the result is a sharp, gorgeous feminine look in a timeless work of wearable art. Each hat is hand made with the finest wool or woven panama straw with various accents of leather, feather and ribbon trims.  The fit and look just get better with time as the hat molds to your pretty little (or not so little) head and it gets that beat up, worn in perfection. These glorious toppers come in amazing shades and styles- the Maggie and the Angie are personal favorites and we currently have a waiting list for the perfect spring hat the Gloria.  Come on in to shop all styles or you can stalk/shop them online at


XOXO- Princi

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